PPR Multilayer Pipe Extrusion System

PPR Pipe Extrusion System

PR cold and hot water pipe production line consists of 3 extruders , Die Head, molds, Vacuum calibrating cooling water tank, Spray cooling water tank, haul-off, printer, cutter, stacker, etc. Pipe processing scope: ф20-ф 400mm, production speed: up to 15m/min With special designed screw and die head, inverter controlled AC motor, top brands electrical control units, the whole production line is stable in performance, precision in sizing, excellent in quality. As a multi-functional production line, it can also produce HDPE, PP, PEX pipes. Final product application: PP-R cold and hot water pipe is mainly used for residential water supply system, which has characters of low price, non-toxic, no corrosion, and high temperature resistance. Fields of Application of Triple Layer PPR Pipe Hot & Cold Water Supply for Residential, Industrial & Commercial Projects. Compressed Air Systems. Drinking Water & Liquid Food Supply Systems Gardening, Agriculture.


  • Low thermal conductivity. It requires very thin insulation or no insulation when using chilled water & hot water/chemical applications.

  • High resistance to corrosi on, acids & chlorides.

  • Very good chemical resistance

  • High heat stability

  • High impact strength

  • High Environmental Stress Cracking Ratio (ESCR)

  • Very good welding property which ensure leak proof joints, energy savings

  • Smooth inner surface, less friction , no noise

  • Thermal expansion is controlled by 70%, line sagging is controlled

  • Hygienic and Non-Toxic Food Grade


  • Compressed air Lines for Hot and Cold air.

  • Chilled water application & air conditioning

  • Transportation of chemicals & aggressive fluids.

  • Effluent treatment plants (ETP).

  • Ship buildings and swimming pools.

  • Pharmaceuticals, food grade applications.

  • Solar heaters, under floor heating.

  • Vacuum Pipelines.

  • R O Water Pipeline.

Fields of application of PPR Pipe

  • Hot & Cold Water Supply,

  • Compressed air System,

  • Drinking Water and Liquid food supply,

  • Grardening, Agriculture, Horticulture