Soft PVC Braided Pipe Extrusion System

  • SMT Single Screw Extruders are offered for extrusion of Soft PVC Braided Hose Pipe System. Soft PVC braided hose pipe production line consists of 2 extruders, die head, cooling water tank (MS/SS), haul off, high speed mixer, coiler machine etc. Pipe processing scope ф12-ф 250mm (½” to 10”), production capacity: upto 160kg/hr with specially designed screw and die head, inverter controlled ac motor, top brands electrical control units, the whole production line is stable in performance, excellent in quality. Soft PVC Braided Hose pipe is mainly used for chemical & gas supply, pneumatic system etc

Fields of Application of Soft PVC Braided Hose Pipe Line

  • Industrial & Domestic water, Chemical & Gas Supply, Pneumatic system etc.