Shredder, Conveyor & Grinder

SMT Recycling System


  • Type : Single Shaft Shredder

  • Pipe Size : Suitable for pipes up to Ø 450 mm

  • Lump Size : Lumps of weight 7 to 8 kg

  • Capacity : 150-200Kgs/hr

  • Rotor Speed : 83RPM

  • Rotor Blades : 28+4 pcs

  • Stationery Blade : 2+2 Pc

  • Main Motor : 40HP (30KW)

  • Throat opening : 450 x 540mm

  • Screen Size : Ø32-40mm.


The Grinder is the next further size reduction equipment. Some materials after shredding can be direct used to granulate but some needs to be crush further to be ready for recycling process.

SMT presents an array of grinders to tackle all your plastic pipe recycling needs. Whether processing PVC, PP or HDPE pipe we have special pipe feed grinders to turn your off spec pipe back into useable regrind.

Features of Pipe Shredder

  • Can process pipes up to 450 MM diameter without pre-cutting.

  • Bundles of small diameter pipes & profiles can be fed.

  • Fully automatic.

  • Low power consumption.

  • Accurate safety systems.