Single Screw Round Drip Pipe Extruders

SMT Single Screw Drip Pipe Extruders are offered for extrusion of Drip Irrigation (Round Drip type and Flat Drip Type) pipes. The extruders with screw diameters 45 mm to 75 mm are available for output range 140 to 250 mtr/min. The Next Generation Extruders with a combination of Barrier Screw and grooved feed bush results into higher output rates, homogeneous plasticizing and less material slippage. The advantages are as follows: High output rates. Reduced power consumption. Superior physical properties of end product. for More Details please visit


  • Extruder -75mm.

  • Operation by Servo Motor.

  • Energy Efficient - No Air Jets.

  • Single/Multilayer Tube.

  • Quick Drill Depth Adjustment.

  • Easy Integration with Existing Line.

  • Maintenance free.

  • High Speed - up to 100 MPM.