Rain Pipe Extrusion System

SMT's latest development in Extrusion Technology “RAIN PIPE EXTRUSION LINE” Designed and developed with advanced technology ensuring high efficiency, high performance, low maintenance to boost productivity

  • Rain Pipe is an affordable spray irrigation technology. It is a replacement for Sprinkler Irrigation System. It is easy to install and maintain. Rain Pipe is flexible hose with pattern of drip holes. These drip holes are made with nano punching technology to ensure uniform flow of water.

  • Rain Pipe act as substitute to mini sprinkler. It wets the surrounding farm area like natural rain. It is an excellent irrigation spray tape with laser punched holes in zig-zag pattern.

Latest and advanced co2 laser Punching/Perforating machine suitable for 15 to 50 meter per minute with computerized graphics control device, (computer interface suitable for 50 mpm punching) and with 1 HP geared nip as primary Take-Off functioning

Features of Rain Pipe Machine

  • Highest Installation in India

  • Owner Driven- Research & Development

  • Co-Ex Three Layer Extrusion Technology

  • Robust 65mm Extruder

  • Dynamically Balanced (Vibration free) Machine

  • High performance Electronic Control Module

  • Productivity Boost by Ensuring lower power consumption

  • Premium Brand with Competitive Price

  • Combo of LLDPE Lapeta Pipe